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Jan. 2017

Simple Things You Can Do To Be A Playful Parent

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In the world of child psychology and parents coaching, it is no longer new that playing a game with your kids can do magic, to break the tension and form a bond with your child.

However, parents are rushed, stressed and tired, and they are focused on results (food/school/clothes), and they are not interested in taking a long way.

 "We need to spend more time together with our children, where they live, and not to drag them to hang out all the time in our world, which is the world's calendar, tasks and activities planned," said Lawrence Cohen, a psychologist based in Massachusetts who has written a book about the dark, playful parenting. "These things should be done, but when you take the life of our family, what gets shortchanged comes into play."

 Playing has serious benefits for children. Cohen said that the most productive way for them to learn about the physical and social world around them is by being around them and having regular playful time with them. "This is the best bridge to connect with people," he adds, pointing to the act of simple building or role play.

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