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Feb. 2017

Essential Ingredients for a killer VALENTINE'S DAY!

Canoodle Toy

Valentines is not only for Adults, most of our best loyal valentine candidates are our CHILDREN, so more from your heart, and a just a little from the store!

It is not always the size of the gift, but always about how much you put yourself on the gift. We sometimes get confused and think that all we must do when we would like to show appreciation, LOVE and happiness is to buy a BIG gift!

How about a GIFT for the FAMILY that brings love, bonding and let you connect in a creative way with your love ones?

Valentine's Day is a great day for FAMILIES not only for couples, remember that.

It is a day of love, hugs, laughs and mostly to show devotion and BE thankful for the ones in your life.

BUILDING is such an amazing word used in many ways, building a family, building a loving connection with your kids, building trust, building security, building LOVE requires, well …BUILDING and ACTION!

Our BRAND offers You and Your family the opportunity to interaction and BUILDING

A perfect GIF for ALL

PLAY with the element of SURPRISE and Give to your family the gift of a GOOD MEMORIES!

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL,

With Love Smile

Canoodletoy team


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