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Apr. 2017

The Innovation that Changed the Life of the Pool Noodle

Canoodle Toy

For the vast majority of time that pool noodles have been on the market, they were a solitary item. Useful and fun, but something was missing. So often we found ourselves twirling, twisting, and tampering with pool noodles that that something had to be found. It was innovation that inspired the solution. Utilizing its original meaning, we “renew or restore” the flaw, or we can bring about “change” to eliminate the lacking quality.

The design and function of our products were aimed at these two particular factors.

Pool noodles are a ubiquitous item and hardly a pool party can be called as such without them. They were everywhere. But they were rather simple and somewhat lacking. Such a wonderful item could certainly be repurposed. And, thus, came Canoodle Toy.  Canoodle Toy is a product line of construction sets and pieces that make use of pool noodles in an innovative way - they become pieces of greater structures rather than standalone floaters.

Canoodle Toy itself is not only innovative, but also inspires innovation.

It places the power to create and to construct in the palm of the user. By building real and present structures, combining multiple parts and pieces into a whole, people of all ages can engage in imaginative construction that itself could then, also, inspire even more progress.

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