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June 2017

Let’s get clever with our toys!

Canoodle Toy

We place heavy importance on the necessity of play. When playing together, we develop many social skills, like camaraderie and gracefulness in both victory and defeat. It’s also one of the best ways to relax and set aside the worries that follow us around. However, we think it’s doubly important when the play is mixed with a learning activity that also stimulates the motor and mental skills that are also vital for development.

 Canoodle Toys offer this wonderful mix of learning and play. Exciting and fun to put together, the many creative builds that can be designed also exercise our mental muscles. While building, each Canoodle Toy piece functions as a small part of a greater whole. Similar to how jigsaw puzzles are arranged, each pool noodle can be connected to other through multiple ways. 

A Canoodle Toy HUB, for example, allows you to connect up to six(6) pool noodles when you utilize CONNECTORs at the ends of the noodles. The perfect example of the HUBs power is our BIG JACK building set. A throwback to small jacks and ball gaming, the BIG JACK building set comes prepared with the required six(6), 20” noodles, one(1) HUB, and six(6) multicolored CONNECTORs.

 The fun is more than obvious! But when connecting the CONNECTORs onto the HUB, you will have to be mindful of their positioning! This makes putting it together something like a Rubik’s Cube and, in the process, promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills.

 And the best part is that the connecting doesn’t stop there! Even more HUBs can be added, or more noodles connected to each other through TWISTERs for a much bigger BIG JACK! The endless ability of noodles to be joined together by using Canoodle Toys is what makes our products unique and innovative.

 Let’s get clever with our toys!

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