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Pool Noodle Connector

Canoodle Toys are pool noodle connectors that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Canoodle Toys incorporates connectors, twisters, sliders, and other attachments that make it very easy to build fun structures. Canoodle Toys can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct objects such as, forts, rafts, boats, helicopters, palm trees, soccer goals, hula hoops, and much more. Anything you create can be taken apart, and the pieces can be used to make another creation. These pool noodle connectors can be used indoors and outdoors all year round.

The Canoodle Toy was created to stimulate imagination and creativity. Creative and role play is a natural and active way for children to learn. By building fun structures out of pool noodles, children gain a sense of mastery and conquer after constructing something new. Canoodle Toy encourages focus, concentration, social skills, teamwork, imagination, problem solving, and motor skills. Canoodle Toys are made with a poly plastic resin that allows all products to float. Canoodle Toys also feature a UV additive that offers resistance from the harmful effects of the sun. Canoodle Toy is proudly made in the USA.

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Feb. 2016

Canoodle Toy

We can only be said to be ALIVE in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  Friendship, Family, Love begins with YOU.


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Dec. 2015

Canoodle Toy

It’s that time of the year again: The warm smell of cocoa and spice fills the air. A bright green fir tree is sitting patiently in your living room waiting to be decorated. Candy cane flavoured everything is what your diet consists of, and coffee shops everywhere are throwing out their old pumpkin spice in exchange for new gingerbread and peppermint flavours. It’s time to bust out those old ugly sweaters and dust off your ornaments, because it’s Christmas time! All joking aside, Christmas isn’t just defined solely by coloured lights and paper-wrapped packages; it is a time to come together as a family. Christmas, as we know it today, cropped up near the late 19th century. At this time is when St. Nicholas became widely known as Santa...

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Nov. 2015

Canoodle Toy

The Pirate and Friends NEW kit offers a quick and easy solution for any sleep-over host trying to make a night legendary.

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Oct. 2015

Canoodle Toy

Halloween is coming! Go to your closet and get dress up , take all hats, scarfs, make up, shoes, vintage pants and create a FUNYOU and GO and GET as much Candy as you can!

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Aug. 2015

Canoodle Toy

It's Back-to-School.

It's time for pencils, books, crayons and Canoodle-toy! That's right! This Back-to-School season Canoodle-toy has your must have learning toys and supplies to get your little learner geared up for a great school year!

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